is a food styling agency comprised of
award-winning chefs available for local, national
and international bookings.

We style food for magazines, cookbooks, live-action film, commercial advertising, menus, web, packaging and social media marketing. The members of believe everyday is an audition for the next job. We aim to provide the highest quality food styling and utmost level of professionalism.

Paige Fletcher, Food Stylist

Paige FletcherFounder, Food Stylist

It all started with an eight-year-old and an Easy-Bake Oven.

Claire Wilson

Claire Messerall Principal, Food Stylist

When a child watches Julia Child and Jacques PĂ©pin instead of Saturday morning cartoons, it is a sign that she is destined for the culinary world.

Amber North

Amber NorthJunior Food Stylist/Beverage Specialist

The only way to learn from generations of family cooks is to prop your 10-year-old self on the kitchen countertop and soak it all in.

Craig Green

Craig GreenAssistant Food Stylist

Growing up frying chicken with your grandmother on Sundays for the church congregation warms your soul. successfully straddles the line between loose editorial styling and precise commercial techniques.

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Based in Dallas, Texas
Available for local, national and international travel

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