Growing up frying chicken with your grandmother on Sundays for the church congregation warms your soul.  

Craig Green has been surrounded by extraordinary cooks his entire life. His grandmother, Anna Mae, made delicious Sunday dinners. While visiting for the summer in Shelbyville, he asked his grandmother why she was preparing ten chickens when there were only four people in the house. Anna Mae replied, “Just in case someone stops by”. After church the house was full of parishioners popping in to say hi, but they were really there for her cooking. She made damn good fried chicken.

Craig’s vast culinary experience includes day to day corporate operations to Culinary Innovation for some of the country’s largest brands. Over two decades, he has researched tirelessly and performed recipe development for Cheddar’s, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group and Pizza Hut. If you ask any corporate chef in town, they’ll tell you Craig is one of the most talented and creative chefs with whom they have ever worked.

Craig was drawn to food styling when he worked with on photo shoots as a corporate chef. He did not even know the job existed. Amazed by the process, Craig knew food styling was a secret part of the culinary world he wanted to explore. He remained in contact with the team, and when the time arose, he was able to make a career change. He is passionate about becoming Dallas’ next great food stylist.

Craig enjoys cooking Italian, Mexican and South American cuisines. Traveling and learning about new food and cultures is his greatest hobby. He has taken culinary courses stateside as well as Italy, Mexico City and Spain. He has a BA from the University of Texas, Arlington. In his spare time, Craig continues to recipe develop for national brands and publications. His smile will light up the room; and he is a great asset to the team.

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